Braille Offerings
For more information on our circulating Braille titles, please reach out to our librarians at 800-433-1531 or email us here
JBI’s Customized Material
JBI prides itself on fulfilling a wide range of requests for individuals who are blind, have low-vision, or are print disabled to help them participate fully in Jewish life and learning. Our free customized materials are made on a personalized basis for our patrons (and are available in braille, audio, and large print formats).

Parents and educators also turn to JBI to produce textbooks, educational materials, Torah and Haftorah portions, etc. for students who are working to obtain a Jewish education, participate in holiday celebrations, learn Hebrew, become bar/bat mitzvah, and otherwise be active in the Jewish community.

Other special requests have included song books and materials for participation at Jewish summer camps, poems for readings at events such as a wedding, or lyrics for participation in a choir, as well as materials for funeral homes (such as mourners minyan materials), and brochures for museums and other organizations looking to make their services more inclusive and accessible.

Our reader advisors offer personalized service in English or Russian to our patrons and are available to discuss special requests that can aid our patrons and enhance their connection to Jewish life.
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